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Indian Tamil girls photo

 Indian Tamil girls photo

MADURAI: Lady Doak College students threw the camera in the streets of Madurai bring excitement to their classrooms. No fewer than 15 students who had opted for a four-month diploma in Documentary Filmmaking "," shot five films, all based on what is happening in and around the city.

Emphasizes the traditional art of candy making a film titled `Javvumittai 'and how it is slowly fading into oblivion. Mayandi of Thathaneri says his company 33 years for girls. Varthika Karthiga niti Mohan and Sekar, the film, presented with subtitles made for a better understanding.

The film, 'Trends', filmed by Sabitha Sini.N., Nitya Bhagawathi Bama and Sridevi.S., Targeting the different views on the rapidly changing fashion of women's wardrobe. Although the trend is that jeans and short, tight tops, students moved to her parents 'wishes and opt for long skirts and blouses fashion, Sini Sabitha said, adding that he learned the details of' tongue-tie replacement "people.

P. Josephine Edal Ursaline, Sathya Meonah and Abilash.K., Documented a film called `Sarugugal 'the feelings and emotions of older people expressing work for a living.

Priyanka Mehta and Krithika.C. revealed the intensity of traffic in general and of the difficulties of the directors in the film 'Run of the road. "

In the orphanage

`A Future Unknown 'centered young orphans, who have high ambitions, but the lack of care and attention. The scene is set in an orphanage, Sevashram ', and Picturized children high goals such as becoming doctors and police officers in the service of the poor. The film was directed by

Lakshmi Priya B., Abirami Achsah Jaganathan and Georgina.

The audio-visual unit of the college organized a course certificate and Jill Reese Pacific University, Oregon, was the course director.

The unit also had a short film called `Malargalagattum Sarugugal 'for service-learning program of the Department of Physics produced. Directed by G. Vasanthi, Reader, Department of Physics, the film emphasizes the importance of public participation in segregation of recyclable materials at source.

"We tell people to pull recyclable waste was more like throwing coins," Vasanthi said, adding that she went through the streets and alleys of Veli Chithrai including substrates of the film.

Commenting on the experiences of students, Ms. Vasanthi said the documentary gave opportunities for students to be creative and express themselves through digital tools.

The basic skills such as research, reading, writing, voice and data gathering. They also develop critical skills such as problem solving.

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